Friday, September 4, 2009

The stock markets in September: predictions week by week

A repetition of history?
All the month will be affected by the T-square between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, which are now becoming in orb. The last time there was a T-square between the 3 planets, was in 1930-1933, during the Great Depression and the years prior to WWII. Before that, it was in 1872-1876 during the Long Depression, and in 1894-1896 during the French Revolution, prior to the Napoleonic wars and after the America war of Revolution. Thus, it is very likely that the economic crises will now become more difficult, with furtherunemployment, and social unrest (uprisings, conflicts) will increase. The timeframe to look for is between now and next spring.

Overall, the markets should peak in early September to then start declining somewhere between 10 and 18 September and could stay low until the end of the month. The day most likely for some panic could be around the week 14-18 September. Also heavy moods around the 24 September. Then, the following week (28-2) could have a rally. Then, mid to late October brings again another likely crash.
I will check later, if what I predicted below has occured or not, in green or red.

9 Sep- In heliocentric astrology, Venus is opposite Pluto: economy is again confronted and heavier (this is the week when the stock market could show a sign of a turning point. Notice Mercury becomes retrogade, meaning news, communication! Probably news of unemployment rising will be the trigger. Something could be reaching a bubble point in the economy (Jupiter-Venus aspect in Wednesday), the markets could still be high this week. (accurate)
12 Sep- Mercury aligns with Jupiter-Neptune: the very idealistic mood should still make the economy increase further. There is during the weekend, an activation of T-square, powerful emotions; which will cause much erratic moods.
16 Sep- Sun aligns with Saturn and Uranus. This is the week of important changes, and sudden or unexpected events. It is likely that something (bankrupcies?) can happen around now or next week, causing the markets to crash somewhere between the middle and the end of the month. The whole week 14th to 18th is a highly-charged one, maybe small panic!
18 Sep- Mercury aligns with Sun-Uranus-Saturn trio: unexpected news or events; a mood of an erratic period and increased energy is in the air. This is a very powerful Friday, so much energy in the air, and it's a New Moon! What happens during this day, will determine the events during the coming weeks. For the economy, a decline here will have dramatic consequences, as it is very likely that the erratic moods will cause the markets to crash a week later, if not by now.
24 Sep- Sun squares Pluto: heavier moods. Still much energy, markets in clear recession
1 Oct- Mercury squares Jupiter-Neptune which are exact conjunct: pandemic fears could be peaking by then. October 5-10th. Since it involves T-squares, trines and sextiles, there will be lots of generaly positive and introspective moods. The economy which could suffered greatly in September could recover a little bit.
27 Oct- Mars squares Uranus and Saturn: around this date, unexpected conflict and tension arises; there is an increased likehood of an important event around this week, and possibly a climax of energy during 2009. Probably after this period, the thought that this recession is indeed a depression will become mainstream.


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