Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heliocentric Astrology predictions for September and October 2009

Here are my predictions based in heliocentric astrology for next 2 months.
Usually they tend to be quite accurate.

30 Aug- (tomorrow) Mars squares Neptune: matters are confused; idealism, confusion, pandemic develops, religious issues, possible natural disaster, something related with the masses
4 Sep- Venus squares Saturn-Uranus: matters concerning economy and values are restricted, suddently altering
9 Sep- Venus is opposite Pluto: economy is again confronted and heavier (this is the week when the stock market declines and news of unemployment rising) (wrong)
12 Sep- Mercury aligns with Jupiter-Neptune: possibility news of pandemic advancing, or related to religion, science, idealism, the masses, or a natural disaster
17 Sep- Sun aligns with Saturn and Uranus: important day of sudden or unexpected changes
19 Sep- Mercury aligns with Sun-Uranus-Saturn trio: unexpected news or events; a mood of an erratic period and increased energy is in the air
24 Sep- Sun squares Pluto: heavier moods
1 Oct- Mercury squares Jupiter-Neptune which are exact conjunct: pandemic fears could be peaking by then
27 Oct- Mars squares Uranus and Saturn: around this date, unexpected conflict and tension arises; there is an increased likehood of an important event around this week, and possibly a climax of energy during 2009


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