Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heliocentric Astrology aspects and Stock Market crashes. Next one in 23-28 October 2009?

If we use heliocentric astrology, we can tentatively predict stock market crashes,
the first thing, is that usually there is an important aspect between Uranus and Saturn, or between Uranus and another outer planet.

Particularly relevant is when we have a T-square between three outer planets, or an aspect of these outer planets in cardinal cusps or signs. Examples include 1873, 1893, 1907, 1929-1931, 1987 and 2008-2010.

When transiting (heliocentric) Earth, Mars or Mercury aspects the outer planets, namely Uranus or Saturn, a stock market crash is likely to occur (but not 100% of the times!)

  • In 12.09.2008 and 06.10.2008 when both heliocentric Earth and Mercury aligned with Saturn-Uranus opposition, we had our recent global economic meltdown
  • There was also a significant aspect in the 1987 October crash (Mars square Saturn-Uranus) and also in the panics of 18.09.1873 (Mars opposition Uranus, conjunct Saturn) or 14.10.1907 (Earth squares Uranus-Neptune, Mercury conjunct Uranus, Mars conjunct Saturn).
  • In the 1929 crash, the downturn started between in late September, when there were a series of hard aspects from Earth to Saturn, Uranus and Pluto occured, but only a small Mercury square Uranus, and Mercury conjunct to Pluto.
Nothing happened in 18.09.2009 (when Earth aspected Uranus-Saturn) and so my prediction was wrong.

We can now look forward to 23-28 October 2009 when both Mars and Mercury aspect the Saturn-Uranus to see what happens, and form a grand cross with Pluto.
Before that, in 5 October, Mercury also squares Uranus-Saturn. However, it's the late October Mars square that seems very likely to cause a crash, although I am not sure about it.

Nearly all the crashes occur in September or October.

If not, there are still major transits next year, with plenty of important cardinal configurations, similarly to what happened in 1931. In April 1931, there was a grand cross between Earth, Pluto/Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn, when a sustained and major declined occured again.
We will have similar configurations in:
  • 23-28 October 2009
  • 17-20 December 2009
  • 15-22 March 2010
  • 3-11 and 23-27 June 2010
  • 21-24 September 2010
  • 1-20 December 2010


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saturn from Libra to Capricorn- Economic crises, tracing trading and stock market history

Saturn in Libra to Capricorn; usually correlates with periods of recurrent crises leading to revolutions or conflicts leading to economic crises.

It's astonishing to see this correlation!
Nearly all economic periods have a financial crises, which is a economic depression in more than half of the times, particularly harder during a cardinal alignment, as it will be next decade.

(Saturn in Aries is in italic; represents a new cycle and period)
Obviously the cycles make most sense since 1770s.

1627-1637 Tulip Mania
1656-1666 Fire and Plague in London
1686-1696 English Glorious revolution
1715-1725 South Sea Bubble, financial crises
1745-1755 Economic stagnation
1775-1785 America US revolutionary war (1776) leads to a depression-like financial crises in Europe and US (1782) and to French Revolution (1789)
1804-1814 Napoleonic wars cause devastation in Europe (1803-15), followed by Year without Summer famine (1816). Depression in US (1807 and 1819); widespread crises
1833-1843 Panic and 5-year depression of 1837-1841, followed by Irish famine (1845-49) and Year of Revolutions (1848)
1863-1873 America Civil War (1861-65) leads to 1869 panic and Long Depression (1873-79)
1893-1903 Panic of 1893 leads to economic 4-year depression; then panic of 1907
1922-1932 After WWI instability leads to Great Depression (1929-1945) and WWII
1951-1961 significant recession in 1958-1960; 20% unemployment
1980-1990 Stock market crash in 1987 and soviet collapse (1988); economic slowdown
2009-2019 New economic depression, high unemployment, revolutions, social unrest


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Economy, business and stock markets update. A long-term perspective and predictions:

As I wrote last week, the Monday and Tuesday have been generally nice, due to the positive influence of Jupiter.
However, the T-square is coming to exact orb next Friday, and as you know, many people will feel under intense pressure by then. As the Moon progresses into Virgo in Friday and Scorpio by next Monday, the feelings will become heavier. The Friday, 18th September seem particularly intense. Although I was wrong for the mid August date, unemployment are reaching its higher percentages this summer, and this is real economy, not stocks economy!

Prediction is a tricky business. We can follow the previous events, from previous decades, and see where a pattern occurs. Then, we can predict reasonably when an event will occur, but narrowing it to a specific month is not so easy; to a specific day it's even harder!
The whole of this cardinal energy resembles the configuration found in the Great Depression of 1931-1933, and that of Long Depression 1873-1895. However, things are never the same, although the energy is identical. The high of energy is between late 2008 and late 2015, with a maximum somewhere in 2010-2012. Short-term, let's say:
- August-October 2009
- March-April 2010
- July-October 2010
- and August 2011

I will make a guess that next week the fall will start gradually, until the end of the month, there is plenty of retrogade Mercury and intense T-square energy between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.
Obviously there is immense controlling by the governments and corporations, as it is usual in a Pluto transit in Capricorn. The effects are not sudden, they are very painfully gradual and hidden, slowly deconstructing our reality and giving birth to a new one.
The effect of the T-square will establish itself by the end of the month and by late October, when Pluto and Saturn square each other in cardinal points, there will be again very high energy. Got the idea of a long and gradual transformation? We must have loads of patience!

Otherwise, the bankers and governments are just keeping the illusion of a economical recovery, an artificial high destined to crash sooner or later, despite the fact of the ever increasing unemployment, tension and pressures. There is a tense social situation. And the pressure builts and builts continuously, and it will not last longer, by 2010 or 2011, we will admit we are into a great depression, the transformation will then accelerate further, as Uranus enters Aries, it will be a big party of much change. Positively, this is a perfect timing to start new projects, but not to follow the old line of business as usual.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stock market predictions next week. Stock trading slowing

The next week promises to be one full of intense energies!!!

Overall, this week was optimistic as predicted, due to a Venus-Jupiter opposition.
Tomorrow rejoice the markets, under a lively Gemini day.
Next week, there is still a somewhat unclear and positive Venus-Neptune.

The activation of the T-square between Uranus, Saturn and Pluto, will push some heavier moods into our collective, which may precipitate a crash probably after this week, if not by Wednesday 18th or Monday 22th September, like I have predicted a new months ago.
Let's see if I am correct or not. I will write later, what has happened below, in red, to confirm if my predictions were correct or not.

Day by day
14- The Sun is just within 3º of triggering the maximum energy of the opposition. You will feel the energies of Saturn and Uranus growing as the weekend ends into the next week. It is also Moon in Cancer (emotions). Thankfully Venus is still in opposition with Jupiter (optimism and expansive) as it is by the way today, Friday 11th. Good day.
15- Ok, you can consider we are now within the climax period. The Sun is within 2º and a Mercury-Pluto square may feel heavy and quite lots of thoughts, news and moves will be into the air, and deep inside our psyches. Thankfully, a dreamy Venus opposes Neptune. It is a somewhat positive but unclear and illusory energy. Perhaps a good day, perhaps a significant increase in the price of oil.
16- Wednesday. A burst of energy. The Moon is now in Leo. Venus is exact opposite Neptune. The Sun-Saturn-Uranus opposition and Pluto-Mercury is within 1º. Could be heavier, but could be a higher peak (perhaps before the fall). It's Uranus, it's unpredictable, and it's Saturn so it is also pessimism and realistic.
17- Thursday. This is a intense day. Likely, criticism and pessimism may cause the markets to fall. If not this week, then it happens early next week.
18- This is another very intense day and a Friday. The T-square is still perfect, all alignments within 1º, and there is a New Moon in late afternoon, in Virgo. Again it feels like a big check up, criticism, nervosism, probing the different possibilities, self-accessment. Today is a subtle rebirth, a new cycle. Maybe be a turning point downwards or even a market crash.
19- Somewhat the day brings new mental action, as the waxing Moon moves into Libra, and retrogade Mercury is now within 3º of the Saturn-Uranus opposition. There will be lots of things going one in the news, which will affect the overall economy. Likely unemployment.
20- A Mercurian day, mental action, dillemas, balance of opposite, diplomacy, communication. There is still a very strong energy from the Saturn-Uranus opposition today.
21-Today it will feel heavier. Not nice for a Monday. The Sun is within 1º square of Pluto, and Moon into Scorpio! Mercury conjuncted Saturn and opposed Uranus. Communication may be harsh, tensions heavy, emotions erratic and dense. This will cause heavy feelings onMonday markets which can have a considerable fall.


Friday, September 4, 2009

The stock markets in September: predictions week by week

A repetition of history?
All the month will be affected by the T-square between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, which are now becoming in orb. The last time there was a T-square between the 3 planets, was in 1930-1933, during the Great Depression and the years prior to WWII. Before that, it was in 1872-1876 during the Long Depression, and in 1894-1896 during the French Revolution, prior to the Napoleonic wars and after the America war of Revolution. Thus, it is very likely that the economic crises will now become more difficult, with furtherunemployment, and social unrest (uprisings, conflicts) will increase. The timeframe to look for is between now and next spring.

Overall, the markets should peak in early September to then start declining somewhere between 10 and 18 September and could stay low until the end of the month. The day most likely for some panic could be around the week 14-18 September. Also heavy moods around the 24 September. Then, the following week (28-2) could have a rally. Then, mid to late October brings again another likely crash.
I will check later, if what I predicted below has occured or not, in green or red.

9 Sep- In heliocentric astrology, Venus is opposite Pluto: economy is again confronted and heavier (this is the week when the stock market could show a sign of a turning point. Notice Mercury becomes retrogade, meaning news, communication! Probably news of unemployment rising will be the trigger. Something could be reaching a bubble point in the economy (Jupiter-Venus aspect in Wednesday), the markets could still be high this week. (accurate)
12 Sep- Mercury aligns with Jupiter-Neptune: the very idealistic mood should still make the economy increase further. There is during the weekend, an activation of T-square, powerful emotions; which will cause much erratic moods.
16 Sep- Sun aligns with Saturn and Uranus. This is the week of important changes, and sudden or unexpected events. It is likely that something (bankrupcies?) can happen around now or next week, causing the markets to crash somewhere between the middle and the end of the month. The whole week 14th to 18th is a highly-charged one, maybe small panic!
18 Sep- Mercury aligns with Sun-Uranus-Saturn trio: unexpected news or events; a mood of an erratic period and increased energy is in the air. This is a very powerful Friday, so much energy in the air, and it's a New Moon! What happens during this day, will determine the events during the coming weeks. For the economy, a decline here will have dramatic consequences, as it is very likely that the erratic moods will cause the markets to crash a week later, if not by now.
24 Sep- Sun squares Pluto: heavier moods. Still much energy, markets in clear recession
1 Oct- Mercury squares Jupiter-Neptune which are exact conjunct: pandemic fears could be peaking by then. October 5-10th. Since it involves T-squares, trines and sextiles, there will be lots of generaly positive and introspective moods. The economy which could suffered greatly in September could recover a little bit.
27 Oct- Mars squares Uranus and Saturn: around this date, unexpected conflict and tension arises; there is an increased likehood of an important event around this week, and possibly a climax of energy during 2009. Probably after this period, the thought that this recession is indeed a depression will become mainstream.


The economy and trading in 2009 and 2010

  • The stock markets and economy crashed in the early days of October 2008 due to the square of Jupiter to Sun, in a time of a Saturn/Uranus opposition and Pluto entering Capricorn. Mercury was also retrogade at the time. Please also remember that in 1929 a stock market crash happened 3 years before a main cardinal alignment (and Uranus/Pluto square) in 1932, at the depth of the great depression. So, now we are again 3 years before a main cardinal aligment and Uranus/Pluto square in 2011 and 2012. (correct)
  • The period around 10 April has a Jupiter sextile to Sun, which is usually good for the economy, despite the fact of the fiery energies of Mars conjuncting Uranus. Besides some mood of unpredictability, the economy may recover slighty. However, realize that the Jupiter-Neptune is also synonym of a idealistic bubble. A grand time for creating a new mass ideal, but it may also worsen our sense of illusion, for instance, about our economy models. It could be something related to a new oil bubble, since Neptune rules oil. Since this aspect correlates also with great scientific advances and discoveries, I would look to improvements in alternative energies, climatic action, eco-living and local community activity, as solutions. (partially correct)
  • 15 May 2009 is more interesting. The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is now exact, Mars is transiting fiery Aries and Jupiter is again is square to Sun. This can be some major rioting and protest due to the worsening of the unemployment situation. The exciting mood in economy recovery may stall again. There could be some religious extremism (due to the square to Neptune), or great spiritual insight. In fact, this period may seem rather epic, active and exciting! And... Mercury goes again retrogade (and in Taurus!), so stock markets may fall again. But I would say that they would be just unstable, ups and downs, due to the illusory nature of Neptune and impulsive energy of Mars in Aries. (partially correct)
  • Mid June 2009 brings another Jupiter/Sun trine, so this brings again a new sense of economy recovery, this of course depends in what happened in the last month. This recover can also be a surge in the prices of oil. (correct)
  • In July, the entry of Mars in Gemini promises again much more again. Probably the tonge will be rather assertive, confict-like, protest and rioting. This is the more protest-like energy of 2009. (wrong)
  • But it is only by 15 August, that a Jupiter/Sun opposition occurs, at a time that Mars squares both Saturn and Uranus! And Uranus is now just a 5º orb from the square to Pluto! This is a powerful recipe for a stock market crash happens, not only between 10 and 15 of August, but also along the next two months. Saturn enters again in exact opposition to Uranus, so press again the new full speed change. (wrong)
  • September will feel not very good. It is during this summer that the second great depression may really set in. The stock market should crash again like it did in late 2008, and the economy worsen. Mars is in Cancer and this does not bode well for popular agreeement and conditions. The masses will feel restless. And Saturn now not only makes a square to Uranus as it also makes to Pluto! Mercury is retrogade. It is the period between 16 September to the early days of October, when this energy sets in. Some powerful events may really happen during this period! They will be very important and bring about a critical transformation of the Pluto energy, now integrated into the cardinal alignment. Mercury will be dancing back and forward into the aligment. The last days of October Mars squares Sun, as Saturn squares Pluto. The mid days of November Sun squares Jupiter and Neptune. So this Autumn is perhaps one of the greater dynamic energies of the whole period between 2008 and 2020!!! The following winter seems calmer.
  • I will only discuss briefly 2010 and onwards. 2010 brings the cardinal alignment into full power, as well as 2011. March 2010 seems powerful, but even more is the period between June and August 2010. Late September 2010 and mid December brings new action.
  • April 2011 has lots of Aries energy, mid May brings a powerful trine to Pluto. Mid June 2011 is a new formation of the cardinal cross (now with Pluto/Uranus tight square). Critical periods for the economy follow in early August, mid November 2011 and mid January 2012.
In 2012, Uranus enters Aries; June and July 2012 inner planets activate this intense Uranus energy. Neptune enters Pisces; its energy is activated powerfully between April and June 2012, and again in early October. Powerful energy occurs again by 24 November 2012 as Sun and Mars square respectively Neptune and Uranus/Pluto, and this happens again in the famous date of Christmas 2012. This year, Uranus is in exact square to Pluto, bringing a mood of radical mass change like the thirties or the sixties.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heliocentric Astrology predictions for September and October 2009

Here are my predictions based in heliocentric astrology for next 2 months.
Usually they tend to be quite accurate.

30 Aug- (tomorrow) Mars squares Neptune: matters are confused; idealism, confusion, pandemic develops, religious issues, possible natural disaster, something related with the masses
4 Sep- Venus squares Saturn-Uranus: matters concerning economy and values are restricted, suddently altering
9 Sep- Venus is opposite Pluto: economy is again confronted and heavier (this is the week when the stock market declines and news of unemployment rising) (wrong)
12 Sep- Mercury aligns with Jupiter-Neptune: possibility news of pandemic advancing, or related to religion, science, idealism, the masses, or a natural disaster
17 Sep- Sun aligns with Saturn and Uranus: important day of sudden or unexpected changes
19 Sep- Mercury aligns with Sun-Uranus-Saturn trio: unexpected news or events; a mood of an erratic period and increased energy is in the air
24 Sep- Sun squares Pluto: heavier moods
1 Oct- Mercury squares Jupiter-Neptune which are exact conjunct: pandemic fears could be peaking by then
27 Oct- Mars squares Uranus and Saturn: around this date, unexpected conflict and tension arises; there is an increased likehood of an important event around this week, and possibly a climax of energy during 2009