Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Economy, business and stock markets update. A long-term perspective and predictions:

As I wrote last week, the Monday and Tuesday have been generally nice, due to the positive influence of Jupiter.
However, the T-square is coming to exact orb next Friday, and as you know, many people will feel under intense pressure by then. As the Moon progresses into Virgo in Friday and Scorpio by next Monday, the feelings will become heavier. The Friday, 18th September seem particularly intense. Although I was wrong for the mid August date, unemployment are reaching its higher percentages this summer, and this is real economy, not stocks economy!

Prediction is a tricky business. We can follow the previous events, from previous decades, and see where a pattern occurs. Then, we can predict reasonably when an event will occur, but narrowing it to a specific month is not so easy; to a specific day it's even harder!
The whole of this cardinal energy resembles the configuration found in the Great Depression of 1931-1933, and that of Long Depression 1873-1895. However, things are never the same, although the energy is identical. The high of energy is between late 2008 and late 2015, with a maximum somewhere in 2010-2012. Short-term, let's say:
- August-October 2009
- March-April 2010
- July-October 2010
- and August 2011

I will make a guess that next week the fall will start gradually, until the end of the month, there is plenty of retrogade Mercury and intense T-square energy between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.
Obviously there is immense controlling by the governments and corporations, as it is usual in a Pluto transit in Capricorn. The effects are not sudden, they are very painfully gradual and hidden, slowly deconstructing our reality and giving birth to a new one.
The effect of the T-square will establish itself by the end of the month and by late October, when Pluto and Saturn square each other in cardinal points, there will be again very high energy. Got the idea of a long and gradual transformation? We must have loads of patience!

Otherwise, the bankers and governments are just keeping the illusion of a economical recovery, an artificial high destined to crash sooner or later, despite the fact of the ever increasing unemployment, tension and pressures. There is a tense social situation. And the pressure builts and builts continuously, and it will not last longer, by 2010 or 2011, we will admit we are into a great depression, the transformation will then accelerate further, as Uranus enters Aries, it will be a big party of much change. Positively, this is a perfect timing to start new projects, but not to follow the old line of business as usual.


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