Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stock market crash in 18th September 2009 (a very intense month to come)

More than one year ago, in early 2008, I was predicting the start of a serious world transformation and economic depression by late 2008 (first Uranus-Saturn opposition), with a possible stock market crash by 14th August 2009.

I was correct about the first period, and still keep the prediction for the August 2009.
I now add that the stock market crash is most likely to occur either around 14-20th August 2009 or around 18-21th September 2009. It is in these two periods, that Mars, Mercury activate the powerful forming T-square between Uranus, Saturn and now Pluto. In the mid September date, a new Moon activate also the powerful T-square. Look out for a really intense time!

Remember the two powerful dates for significant powerful transformation:
19th August 2009, New Moon
18th September 2009, New Moon
(Give it around 3 days before and afterwards)

From today until the 10th August, Mars is approaching a square to both Saturn and then Uranus! Sun opposes Jupiter in 14th August (stock market starts inversion), then Mercury aligns with the T-square, around 18-20th August, during the New Moon, which points to a climax energy! Then, 24-26th August, Mars and Mercury align with Pluto, still extremely heavy and powerful (mainly for conflict and tension!) There is still a Mars and Mercury long square playing in early September, and increased energy surges around Full Moon of 4th September. As it continues from 11 to 16th September, the Sun approaches the T-square. In 16th September the incredible strong energy explodes: Sun aligns, during a New Moon (18th September climax), and Mercuryy retrogade (wow) to a powerful cardinal T-square in 16-22th September, a powerful climax period!! From 4-7th October Mercury aligns again with Saturn-Uranus, and then on 10th October squares Pluto and on 13-14th October, Venus aligns with the T-square.

I think by 14-20th August the economy will show the new signs of a meltdown gradually coming. Then, by 18-21th September, the crash will occur. It is also possible that alternative events may include the flu pandemic, or a Middle East or Korea war. It will ve very intense transits, even for me!

Look then for another peak in March-April 2010 and in July-August 2010!
Look out for this outstanding mid 2010 point: some revolutionary discovery and great novelty in the world!
Then, the same remains during mid 2011 and mid 2012.