Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saturn from Libra to Capricorn- Economic crises, tracing trading and stock market history

Saturn in Libra to Capricorn; usually correlates with periods of recurrent crises leading to revolutions or conflicts leading to economic crises.

It's astonishing to see this correlation!
Nearly all economic periods have a financial crises, which is a economic depression in more than half of the times, particularly harder during a cardinal alignment, as it will be next decade.

(Saturn in Aries is in italic; represents a new cycle and period)
Obviously the cycles make most sense since 1770s.

1627-1637 Tulip Mania
1656-1666 Fire and Plague in London
1686-1696 English Glorious revolution
1715-1725 South Sea Bubble, financial crises
1745-1755 Economic stagnation
1775-1785 America US revolutionary war (1776) leads to a depression-like financial crises in Europe and US (1782) and to French Revolution (1789)
1804-1814 Napoleonic wars cause devastation in Europe (1803-15), followed by Year without Summer famine (1816). Depression in US (1807 and 1819); widespread crises
1833-1843 Panic and 5-year depression of 1837-1841, followed by Irish famine (1845-49) and Year of Revolutions (1848)
1863-1873 America Civil War (1861-65) leads to 1869 panic and Long Depression (1873-79)
1893-1903 Panic of 1893 leads to economic 4-year depression; then panic of 1907
1922-1932 After WWI instability leads to Great Depression (1929-1945) and WWII
1951-1961 significant recession in 1958-1960; 20% unemployment
1980-1990 Stock market crash in 1987 and soviet collapse (1988); economic slowdown
2009-2019 New economic depression, high unemployment, revolutions, social unrest


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