Friday, November 5, 2010

Money, the Economy, Stocks, Loans, Investing, Contracts, Insurance, Mortgage, Credit, Crash, Earning, Lending: what is Pluto in Capricorn doing?

I realized that in this blog many people search for financial advice.
Yes, I see, there is a great deal of worry about money as it seems to be our god for self-sustainance. After all, we live in this complex materialistic-based society with so much about the economy.
Credit, business, loans, insurance, mortgage, lending, leasing,corporations, business, salary, making money, earning, employment... these are keywords for many people daily. It is the stuff of the Capricorn energy manifestation nowadays.

However, as Pluto transits in Capricorn since early 2008, we have seen an increased focus in these matters, as if our subconscious nature is trying to sabotage our stability and push us to confront our issues, fears, and motivations. Pluto will surely crash a lot of our assumptions during the next few years. Thus, my advice is one: to let go, to focus differently. Realize that we are souls seeking a earthly experience, that mainly is about learning to love, to serve, to express ourselves. In the light of the coming years where much economy and money-based structures will probably crumble, one must see the hope in simplicity. A new motivation for our Capricorn nature. How mysterious it is. What about seeking to help the environment, the animals, the children, the arts, our relationships and family values, instead of money security, loans, credit, jobs and insurance?

So much simplicity, mutual support and humbleness is now required.

Once a philosopher said the true mission of a human should be to find the child that lies within ourselves. That is so much joy and we have took so little time with that...


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