Sunday, November 14, 2010

Economic world war I.

"The dollars are bullets, currency devaluation are battles, bankrupcies are nukes. The casualties are the unemployed"

The world has always been fighting for resources.
Because nowadays everyone has nukes, no one risks fighting military war.

Instead, the fight for resources is fought with agressive economic warfare.
Governments seek to destroy the enermy economy and conquer them.
Consider the following fable. Please notice, it's only ficticious.

Middle East. A long lasting economic war existed between the US and Arab countries, for oil. The US implemented corrupted governments in most Arabic countries, like Saudi Arabia or Dubai, and those who resisted were invaded military. Iran is the sole resistance. The war is for oil, a finite resource suck by the unsustainable hunger of major world powers.

Europe. In recent years, Europe was forcefully united over a common enforced economic agreement, the Euro, without democratic vote. We cannot fight again, so we are forcefully united. However, in 2008 the world shaked, when the war become global.

This is what happened. Power corrupts. The big ones eat the little ones. However the big ones have trouble fighting with another big one. Sometimes they merge. Big corporations merge. However sometimes, a major power collapses under the weight of its own corruption or unsustainable practices, or by the draconic means of another power fighting for dominance. This is something typical of a Pluto in Capricorn: an hidden power and manipulative force (Pluto) of global corporations (Capricorn).

In September 2008, one of the greatest banks, collapsed. We don't know what happened, whether this was an attack by another major corporation, a foreign power or the collapse occured by itself. What did happen, was that this sent a shockwave. A couple weeks later, a nuke was dropped by the UK on the Icelandic army that had (economically) abused british citizens. Iceland as a power was destroyed. At that time, even China and Russia have tried to buy Iceland. What's that? Buying a country?? That's an agressive invasion.

Later Germany did the same to Greece, and threatned the other southern nations and now is making pressure on Ireland. Remember, a while ago, Europe was enforcing a common constitution and government, this without any referendum on the population vote! Europe has been invaded by economic powers that rule in a authoritarian manner, and seek to dictate what other countries must do. Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Iceland. Four victims of the European economic battle field. The Treaty of Lisbon remembers me the medieval treaties where European powers dictated who ruled which part of Europe.

So Iceland was nuked, Greece was next, and Germany had now declared war on Ireland and all corrupted south european nations, they called them PIGS, if this is not an insult, I don't know what is. Iceland has been put in a grave situation. Like nuclear radioactivity, the population lost their savings and how will the government pay back their bills? There is no better way to conquer a nation. The same is happening for other European countries, the austerity plans. It seems that now it's every country for itself (Uranus in Aries, like in the thirties).

We are now approaching the last part of the Economic World War I, for resources and control. The US declared war on China on October and launched officially the end stages of Economic WWI. No major power risks dropping a nuke, because of mutually assured destruction, nukes being only used as a blackmail tactic. The armies now fight a currency war, using every manipulative tactics. The US attacks China but China strikes back "nuclear" and refuses to export the rare earth minerals, used for computer building. Russia blackmails Europe with gas and grain. There was even a battle in Georgia because of a pipeline. The US allies with India and Japan, looking for Asian allies. It's almost like a military war but with monetary moves instead of armies.

We think everything is well. I guess we are not aware we were living under a desguised "world war". The dollars are bullets, currency devaluation are battles, bankrupcies are nukes. Casualties are unemployment, social degradation and environmental destruction.

This is capitalism failing. We need a new system.

How long will last this "world economic war", and how will it end?
How many casualties will there be? Our environment suffers.
"U.S. launches financial world war. What is to stop U.S. banks and their customers from creating $1 trillion, $10 trillion or even $50 trillion on their computer keyboards to buy up all the bonds and stocks in the world, along with all the land and other assets for sale in the hope of making capital gains and pocketing the arbitrage spreads by debt leveraging at less than 1 per cent interest cost? This is the game being played"
I painted such a bleak picture. Please let the end be a good one.
Search for "money as debt" and awake.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Money, the Economy, Stocks, Loans, Investing, Contracts, Insurance, Mortgage, Credit, Crash, Earning, Lending: what is Pluto in Capricorn doing?

I realized that in this blog many people search for financial advice.
Yes, I see, there is a great deal of worry about money as it seems to be our god for self-sustainance. After all, we live in this complex materialistic-based society with so much about the economy.
Credit, business, loans, insurance, mortgage, lending, leasing,corporations, business, salary, making money, earning, employment... these are keywords for many people daily. It is the stuff of the Capricorn energy manifestation nowadays.

However, as Pluto transits in Capricorn since early 2008, we have seen an increased focus in these matters, as if our subconscious nature is trying to sabotage our stability and push us to confront our issues, fears, and motivations. Pluto will surely crash a lot of our assumptions during the next few years. Thus, my advice is one: to let go, to focus differently. Realize that we are souls seeking a earthly experience, that mainly is about learning to love, to serve, to express ourselves. In the light of the coming years where much economy and money-based structures will probably crumble, one must see the hope in simplicity. A new motivation for our Capricorn nature. How mysterious it is. What about seeking to help the environment, the animals, the children, the arts, our relationships and family values, instead of money security, loans, credit, jobs and insurance?

So much simplicity, mutual support and humbleness is now required.

Once a philosopher said the true mission of a human should be to find the child that lies within ourselves. That is so much joy and we have took so little time with that...