Monday, October 19, 2009

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At the moment, we find the following results:
More than half (54%) assume a scenario of economic depression, 1930's like.
About a fourth (27%) think about some economic collapse, a partial meltdown of our civilization.
Some (18%) however feel we are due an amazing economic boom ahead.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The economic US depression of 2011-2019.

Late October is a new market downturn.
Most likely, it will not be a full blown crash!!
Probably just a new downturn that will bring a end to the euphoric moods.

As you will see below, I think we will see a repetition of a great economic pressure in the next months. Probably, once again, it will recover somehow in 2010, but the social consequences will already be too big by then. The world is not be the same.

A full-blown trading crash could occur later, only by late 2010 and early 2011, as the currency probably fails. The Great Depression becomes realized and the bottom of this second great depression will be somewhere between 2014 and 2019.

Here are the results of my studies, for the next months and years:

Late October 2009: possibility of a new downturn in stock markets (but not a full crash), ends the euphoric rise
December 2009: dollar and US economy becomes again under significant pressure

Pluto and Saturn make pressure in 3º Cancer US Venus and Uranus squares 23º Gem Mars and Virgo Neptune.
May 2010: new rise in markets, new speculative bubble or inflation. Significant scientific invention. Grand action. Uranus/Jupiter effect
August 2010: a repetition of September 2008 style meltdown? Significant tension in the following months
November 2010 -April 2011: the recession becomes gradually a economic depression
April 2011- probability of a significant crash or downturn (a change in US currency status?) Uranus and Pluto are affecting the 3º Cancer US Venus.
April 2011- August 2011: economic depression is accepted as a reality: this becomes a very difficult period
May 2012- start of conflict, revolutionary war, earth changes, alien disclosure, or simply the great depression
2013: sounds a time of great hardships and social difficulty, social unrest grows
January- April 2014- a very very dramatic period for the US: like a destruction or great transformation: it can involve masses of populations becoming affected: climax of transformation period (cardinal Grand cross)
There is some likehood of earth changes or wars; independently of that, great masses of population are affected

The critical degrees are the 14º cardinal US Cancer Sun and Libra Saturn.
2015-2019- bottom of great depression of 2011-2019
2023- a gradual rebirth of social structures, end of great depression, new energies, great inventions; possibility of new US borders, revolution or something: Uranus in Gemini, Pluto in Aquarius
2025-2029- possibility of large social revolutions worldwide, technological growth accelerates! Possibly alien disclosure of technology by now.
2030- a period of great social and national change worldwide, the transformation of the former decades is grounded.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

26 October 2009 - A Stock Market crash ?

In next 26 October, a perfect grand square (using a heliocentric approach) between Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, may signal a stock market crash or some unpredictable event that causes markets to turn significantly downwards.

If you see my former
post, one week ago, I have pointed out that stock market crashes occur when during a Uranus/Saturn alignment, transiting Mars or Earth conjuncted, opposed or squared that alignment. This is of course, using an heliocentric approach to a horoscope map, instead of the common geocentric approach.

Back in the early months of 2008, I was predicting (in that we (worldwide) would be approaching an economic depression in the late months of 2008 or early months of 2009, into the next decade. In fact, I even pointed out a market scare, around the early days of October, as we were approaching the typical Uranus/Saturn opposition, it was the typical month of October, and there were several predictions (Lucky days, Webbot, etc) pointing to this. And I was correct with my prediction, and these other guys were also correct: it occured!! The big economic meltdown was occuring.

Now, my heliocentric system predicts some charged period for the late days of October, with a tense astrological alignment which occurs typically in stock market crashes. Now, the webbot also predicts a powerful economic event for this week.

I think I was totally wrong to rely in a geocentric approach to predict stock market variations. Although it shows some correlation, most stock market crashes in the past occur when there is a Uranus/Saturn configuration triggered by transiting Mars or Earth, as I have shown

A Pluto/Saturn, which occurs this autumn, is also a heavy time and a significant turning point (last time was 2001, backwards was 1991, 1982, 1974, 1966, 1956, 1947, 1938, 1931). All these years include important socio-economic changes! Respectively, the economic depression, the start of world war II, the end of world war and Roswell, Suez crises, the sixties agitation start, a oil crises, a cold war tension, and the sovietic fall. It frequently correlates with wars with Israel (1948, 1956, 1967, 1973) and crises in the Middle East, and nuclear tensions (1956, 1973, 1982, 2000), so I naturally predict these to happen again.

Whether a stock market crash or a Middle East conflict, to occur in near future, we remain to know. Hopefully, not the first and neither the other.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Stock market and trading - Dates to look

We are now under the activated effect of the Uranus-Saturn opposition.
And because it's October and we are under an approaching Pluto-Saturn square, this could reflect in a significant downturn.

All the current week features a Uranus-Saturn opposition triggered by Mercury and Mars. Then, in the end of the month, the horoscope configuration features one that resembles other past stock market crashs (see second post).

Hopefully I will be wrong as I was for last August/September.

4 October
features a Full Moon in mid Libra, and a Mercury-Uranus opposition that is perfectly aspected by Uranus. Also important is the approaching Mars-Node conjunction.
11 October features a even more complex rectangle between Mars/Node, Saturn/Mercury/Venus, Uranus and North Node (and a Jupiter-Sun trine, and Sun-Moon quadrature)
24 October features a heliocentric Pluto-Mercury square (trine to Sun), and a perfect Uranus-Mars-Saturn T-square. Mars in early Leo

As the month of November progresses, the mental-uranian energy gives way to a more scorpionic-emotional-dense energy...

7 November features a Saturn-Pluto square, with semi-square to Sun/Mercury