Friday, October 2, 2009

Stock market and trading - Dates to look

We are now under the activated effect of the Uranus-Saturn opposition.
And because it's October and we are under an approaching Pluto-Saturn square, this could reflect in a significant downturn.

All the current week features a Uranus-Saturn opposition triggered by Mercury and Mars. Then, in the end of the month, the horoscope configuration features one that resembles other past stock market crashs (see second post).

Hopefully I will be wrong as I was for last August/September.

4 October
features a Full Moon in mid Libra, and a Mercury-Uranus opposition that is perfectly aspected by Uranus. Also important is the approaching Mars-Node conjunction.
11 October features a even more complex rectangle between Mars/Node, Saturn/Mercury/Venus, Uranus and North Node (and a Jupiter-Sun trine, and Sun-Moon quadrature)
24 October features a heliocentric Pluto-Mercury square (trine to Sun), and a perfect Uranus-Mars-Saturn T-square. Mars in early Leo

As the month of November progresses, the mental-uranian energy gives way to a more scorpionic-emotional-dense energy...

7 November features a Saturn-Pluto square, with semi-square to Sun/Mercury


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