Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stock market decline? 14 August 2009 to 20 September 2009

Astrologically, this week is the start of the period of the predicted strong stock market decline, in a way, like a new crash.
That is starting somewhere around 14 August 2009 and culminating around 20 September.
There is a very strong astrological energy between now and summer 2010, that should culminate in many changes and events both in 2010 and 2011.
The months of September and October 2009 seem very strong.

Update 12 August: yesterday the stock markets decline for the first time in months! I guess the theory is right (by luckydays) that a difficult Sun-Jupiter aspect during a powerful T-square (Uranus-Saturn-Pluto), just marks when the economic meltdown starts. Also because next week transiting Mars squares the entire configuration!
Let's wait to see if next week starts this new long sustained decline.

Not only astrology is the sole source for this prediction; several others sources agree (like webbot linguistics and timewave graphs).

Just be patient. Remember last 16 April I was predicting something very significant?? Well, nothing happened until the start of the flu pandemic ten days later. Now you have the same situation!

Update 18 August: Friday 14 and Monday 17 the stock market declined further, the most in the last seven months (so, the Sun-Jupiter opposition predicts really well this). There were also contradictory news about the social and economic situation. I think a full decline still waits one month ahead.

Most likely, things should start to become tense after the 22-25 August, as corrupted and declining situations become exposed by Pluto-Mars opposition (maybe a possible bankrupcy or failure). By Monday 7 September, as Mercury turns retrogade, this is when I see the start of a sustained decline. A full-crash, if occuring, will be happening after the 16th September, as a T-square forms with Saturn and Uranus, which remains activated into early October.

Update 28 August: We are currently in a false optimism that the economy is getting better. We know that little has changed and the corrupt power is still there. So, I keep my prediction that this September the economy will at least enter in deep recession again. By 2010, the cardinal T-square and Jupiter/Uranus is a sure indicator of great inflation, increased aggitation and impulsiveness to act. Not in next week, but the week after (7 September), Mercury enters retrogade. The issues that have not been confronted will be coming up. Otherwise I am getting totally wrong.


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