Sunday, January 17, 2010

I was totally wrong...

Hi all,

I have not written for a long time, due to being much occupied in my job.

I must admit I was totally wrong with my predictions of the stock market. I say it boldly and with no fears. It is very difficult to pinpoint events because, since the last 2008 crash, there is a great control of the stock markets. This is not bad and it is sustaining the markets in spite of full economic recession.

If there is one thing to avoid at all costs is a full economic meltdown. Because this would lead to much social unrest and uprisings. Back to Astrology, Saturn and Pluto create a very transformation and powerful combination that dramatically increases power and control; not only governmental but at a personal level. In past transits both the transits of Saturn to Pluto and to Uranus, correlated with depressions, recessions, oil crises, and social revolutions, and with this transit, we have been observing the same situation.

Thankfully now, there seems to be a wiser control of the situation, and the economy is kept stable despite much unrest. When Uranus comes to Aries later this year, the energetic configuration will heat significantly, it will be another test. However, since Jupiter aligns with the T-square, it could even correlate with a burst of inflation, market growth and positiveness. It is very unpredictable.

But don't underestimate the energetics of the current period, and this new decade: it will be a time of great change, like in the sixties and in the thirties. There will be social revolutions, but most importantly and likely, BIG changes in our personal behavior and values, and BIG inventions brought to the world.
Hopefully the change it will be for the better.

I know many of you, readers, have investments, and look for advice. The time now is for grasping the new trends, self-reliance, for new values. The old-profit oriented and power-hungry approach, will gradually fade. Money will lose importance over the next decades. That's why for me, the Astrology of people is the most importance. How to find advice in real life situations, in finding our careers, healing our relationships, and rediscovering our life purpose. It is much more easy, exciting, meaningful and useful to help others in those situations, than to advice on the markets. That's why I give much more importance to my other blog. However, I will keep this blog updated once in a while.