Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stock market dates in 2011. Astrology predictions

From here, we can reads that the next astrological dates of possible big shifts in the stock markets are:

17 February 2011, this seems to be a big one. No big aspects on the chart, but later by April, the Sun conjuncted with Saturn, while Mars joins Uranus in Aries, this seems to spell trouble, restriction or austerity, and some aggressiveness at the same time (riots? war?). I would say this time marks the early stages of a long-term down market trend!
29 July 2011, very likely at least market recession, Jupiter/Sun square. Also Mars (in revolutionary Gemini) is opposing Pluto and square Uranus. Time of BIG change. Likely time for a market crash, if not already underway.
28 December 2011, again likely a bad time for the economy, Jupiter-Saturn opposition, Sun-Uranus square and Sun-Pluto conjunction.

Minor shifts in 16 January (probably very dynamic, there is a Sun/Mars conjunction but sextile to Jupiter, probably positive, albeit this is only for short-term), 3 February and 16 June.

Very difficult to know, this is an experimental prediction, as usual. Let's see what happens


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Economic world war I.

"The dollars are bullets, currency devaluation are battles, bankrupcies are nukes. The casualties are the unemployed"

The world has always been fighting for resources.
Because nowadays everyone has nukes, no one risks fighting military war.

Instead, the fight for resources is fought with agressive economic warfare.
Governments seek to destroy the enermy economy and conquer them.
Consider the following fable. Please notice, it's only ficticious.

Middle East. A long lasting economic war existed between the US and Arab countries, for oil. The US implemented corrupted governments in most Arabic countries, like Saudi Arabia or Dubai, and those who resisted were invaded military. Iran is the sole resistance. The war is for oil, a finite resource suck by the unsustainable hunger of major world powers.

Europe. In recent years, Europe was forcefully united over a common enforced economic agreement, the Euro, without democratic vote. We cannot fight again, so we are forcefully united. However, in 2008 the world shaked, when the war become global.

This is what happened. Power corrupts. The big ones eat the little ones. However the big ones have trouble fighting with another big one. Sometimes they merge. Big corporations merge. However sometimes, a major power collapses under the weight of its own corruption or unsustainable practices, or by the draconic means of another power fighting for dominance. This is something typical of a Pluto in Capricorn: an hidden power and manipulative force (Pluto) of global corporations (Capricorn).

In September 2008, one of the greatest banks, collapsed. We don't know what happened, whether this was an attack by another major corporation, a foreign power or the collapse occured by itself. What did happen, was that this sent a shockwave. A couple weeks later, a nuke was dropped by the UK on the Icelandic army that had (economically) abused british citizens. Iceland as a power was destroyed. At that time, even China and Russia have tried to buy Iceland. What's that? Buying a country?? That's an agressive invasion.

Later Germany did the same to Greece, and threatned the other southern nations and now is making pressure on Ireland. Remember, a while ago, Europe was enforcing a common constitution and government, this without any referendum on the population vote! Europe has been invaded by economic powers that rule in a authoritarian manner, and seek to dictate what other countries must do. Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Iceland. Four victims of the European economic battle field. The Treaty of Lisbon remembers me the medieval treaties where European powers dictated who ruled which part of Europe.

So Iceland was nuked, Greece was next, and Germany had now declared war on Ireland and all corrupted south european nations, they called them PIGS, if this is not an insult, I don't know what is. Iceland has been put in a grave situation. Like nuclear radioactivity, the population lost their savings and how will the government pay back their bills? There is no better way to conquer a nation. The same is happening for other European countries, the austerity plans. It seems that now it's every country for itself (Uranus in Aries, like in the thirties).

We are now approaching the last part of the Economic World War I, for resources and control. The US declared war on China on October and launched officially the end stages of Economic WWI. No major power risks dropping a nuke, because of mutually assured destruction, nukes being only used as a blackmail tactic. The armies now fight a currency war, using every manipulative tactics. The US attacks China but China strikes back "nuclear" and refuses to export the rare earth minerals, used for computer building. Russia blackmails Europe with gas and grain. There was even a battle in Georgia because of a pipeline. The US allies with India and Japan, looking for Asian allies. It's almost like a military war but with monetary moves instead of armies.

We think everything is well. I guess we are not aware we were living under a desguised "world war". The dollars are bullets, currency devaluation are battles, bankrupcies are nukes. Casualties are unemployment, social degradation and environmental destruction.

This is capitalism failing. We need a new system.

How long will last this "world economic war", and how will it end?
How many casualties will there be? Our environment suffers.
"U.S. launches financial world war. What is to stop U.S. banks and their customers from creating $1 trillion, $10 trillion or even $50 trillion on their computer keyboards to buy up all the bonds and stocks in the world, along with all the land and other assets for sale in the hope of making capital gains and pocketing the arbitrage spreads by debt leveraging at less than 1 per cent interest cost? This is the game being played"
I painted such a bleak picture. Please let the end be a good one.
Search for "money as debt" and awake.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Money, the Economy, Stocks, Loans, Investing, Contracts, Insurance, Mortgage, Credit, Crash, Earning, Lending: what is Pluto in Capricorn doing?

I realized that in this blog many people search for financial advice.
Yes, I see, there is a great deal of worry about money as it seems to be our god for self-sustainance. After all, we live in this complex materialistic-based society with so much about the economy.
Credit, business, loans, insurance, mortgage, lending, leasing,corporations, business, salary, making money, earning, employment... these are keywords for many people daily. It is the stuff of the Capricorn energy manifestation nowadays.

However, as Pluto transits in Capricorn since early 2008, we have seen an increased focus in these matters, as if our subconscious nature is trying to sabotage our stability and push us to confront our issues, fears, and motivations. Pluto will surely crash a lot of our assumptions during the next few years. Thus, my advice is one: to let go, to focus differently. Realize that we are souls seeking a earthly experience, that mainly is about learning to love, to serve, to express ourselves. In the light of the coming years where much economy and money-based structures will probably crumble, one must see the hope in simplicity. A new motivation for our Capricorn nature. How mysterious it is. What about seeking to help the environment, the animals, the children, the arts, our relationships and family values, instead of money security, loans, credit, jobs and insurance?

So much simplicity, mutual support and humbleness is now required.

Once a philosopher said the true mission of a human should be to find the child that lies within ourselves. That is so much joy and we have took so little time with that...


Monday, October 25, 2010

Trading and stock markets predictions for next years. Where are stocks headed? A false rally?

Dow in 1929 stock market crash felt 52% (381 to 198) then recover to 77% of the initial value (294) all during the whole of 1930, after it, it crashed again to even lower values, in 1931-1935.

Dow in 2008 stock market meltdown felt 51% (13930 to 7062) and during the whole of 2009 it recovered now 70% of the initial value.
So, if history repeats the
Dow will still recover and soar until around 10700 somewhere before early 2010 after which they would crash again, to values well below 7000, in the years 2010-2014.

Either it rallies to 10700 by next spring crashing by the fall 2010 and then going always downwards, or it maybe goes down this fall, rallies next spring and goes downwards next summer. Whatever happens, it should rise around early-mid 2010 due to Jupiter-Uranus.

In late 1931, the Dow crashed into 116, and then to Dow 41 in mid 1932.
This would be the equivalent of Dow 4200 in early 2011, and Dow 1500 in mid 2011!

The worst years of the Great Depression were 1931, 1932 and 1933.
Dow recovers then to 194 by 1937, as slowly the Great depression comes gradually into to an end. Therefore, if history repeats (and it never repeats exactly!), the worst years are 2011, 2012 and 2013, the Second Great Depression, after which the economy recovers gradually around 2016 with Dow 7000.

Following the trend, unemployment will be very high with much social unrest in the next few years. The 2020s would be then a recovery to values around Dow 20000-30000, by 2030, and a whole new (probably green sustainable) economy. The Uranus/Neptune/Pluto aspects in 2029 reinforces this time of great expansion!

Now, we get into short-term astrology. In this fall, configurations are difficult, Saturn/Pluto in October-November does not look good, but the Jupiter/Neptune in December looks good.
In 2010 (May-December), Uranus enters Aries and conjuncted with Jupiter. This occurred also in 1927 when the market bubble expanded. This look very energetic, and perhaps positive. Perhaps the markets recover much again next year? Perhaps, like the housing and credit crunch, this is a new and bigger bubble bursting. In July-September 2010, the configuration seems very dramatic, bit Jupiter-Uranus looks expansive. However, in early 2011 Jupiter moves into Aries, as it was in 1929 or 1987.

I can say the bad word: 2010 may bring HYPERINFLATION or war followed by HUGE OIL PRICES. If so, then a crash happens afterwards by late 2010 or early 2011 just as we enter oficially into Great Depression II, in 2012-2014.

2010-2011 resembles 1931-1932, the years of the Great Depression, when Saturn, Uranus and Pluto created a T-square in cardinal signs. However, the order of the signs is different. Uranus is still in Aries, but Saturn is in Libra instead of Capricorn, and Pluto is in Capricorn instead of Cancer.

With Uranus is in Aries (such as 1760s, 1840s) the problem is not so much the economy as it is social unrest and great agitation. However, the economy can suffer greatly as the dramatic european famines in 1840s or the great depression in 1930s!
Saturn in Libra (1980, 1950, 1920, 1890, 1860) tends to bring the recovery of economy, a change of geopolitical landscape. Therefore, the following years will bring probably dramatic transformation and eventually a huge crises in resources, unemployment, food, environment, energy and money, identical to the Great Depression (2011-2015), but the economic system will later transform and even expand about one decade from now.

And now I say the good word. 2026-2030 brings strong economic and social prosperity and a big wave of revolution and technological advance.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Economic depression 2013-2020; Economic boom 2020-2030

Using waxing and waning cycles of outer planets to identify the cycles of the collective mood and the intensity of future events
The outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) go through cycles forming between them conjunctions, waxing squares, oppositions, waning squares and conjunctions again. When a cycles is waxing, it induces a positive and constructive mood to the global collective, when the cycles is waning induces a more destructive and depressive economics. From history, periods with almost only waning cycles (around 1343, 1850, 1915, 1939) tends to correlate with massive destructive events such as plagues, economic depression, famines and world wars. Periods with abundance of waxing cycles (such as after the second world war or between 1990 and 2000) correlate with economic booms, building and expansion and collective optimism.


Millennium optimism shifts into a decade of major difficulties and challenges
(the economic recovery measures will not work, economic depression continues)
From the graph it is clear that since 2000 the cycles have been turning waning one after the other, and so this is causing an increasingly collective depressive mood. This will continue and a negative peak will occur by 2015-2017 and until 2024, so this might correlate with a rather difficult period for mankind. This might be a great economic depression, famine or war. It will be not as worse as the world wars or the black plague, but it will more challenging than the sixties, or the current global recession. In fact it might be a great depression, at a scale larger than the last one during the thirties, maybe because there will be other dramatic events like a large-scale war, a famine or a significant climate change.

After 2025 a great wave of social adjustments, economic optimism and technological advance
Afterwards, there will be about 20 years of mostly waxing cycles (2025-2045), bringing a long period of great optimism and economic expansion. This represents a shift in socio-political conditions at least as great as the American and French Revolutions, and a shift in technological advance as big as the industrial revolution! I can foresee, large scale social adjustments, and critical new technologies.

The rest of the century is somewhat so-so, with a smaller crises around 2045-2050, some growth around 2060s, followed by a severe difficult period around 2080 (even bigger than the one during next decade). A second wave of economic and technological expansion occurs during the last two decades of the century, with another crises and shifting point around 2100.

2010 is at the start of this major shifting period: there is no more stability for a big while
The last peak of global optimism (all outer planets in waxing, growing, cycles was in 2000). In 2001, Saturn-Pluto opposition turned the wheel into less global optimism, and this occurred further by 2005 and 2006, when Saturn-Neptune formed another opposition. In 2008, another opposition between Saturn-Uranus marked yet another shift into further negativism. In 2010 the cardinal climax marks another shift (Jupiter-Saturn opposition). All these cycles have turned into waning mode, meaning a destructive influence for the next following years. After growth, we need pruning the excesses, the unbalances and the mistakes.

Imagine that the period surrounding the early 2010s is like the period surrounding the early 1930s, the realization that there is a great turning point for the world, the social and economic unrest become more complicated, as well as political tensions mount between countries. This is because there is a major cardinal alignment, similar in both cases, and with identical waning cycles. The shift from several waxing cycles to waning cycles between 2008 and 2011 results in much more global worries, pessimism and deconstruction. To start of, that is a very intense shift. After the cardinal climax effect of 2010, the years 2011 and 2012 will likely be a period of much deeper change, something similar to the shift observed from 2008 to 2009. Probably, the economic crises and the climate unstability will become more extreme. Likely, the economic recovery measures will not work (because they are fundamentally flawed)

Economic depression becomes increasingly obvious between 2011 and 2016
During the years between 2011 and 2016 the unstable Uranus in Aries energies may bring widespread aggressive behavior, revolts, social unrest and an established economic depression, much like during the years between 1932 and 1938. This is in fact dangerous. And just like during the thirties (1935), after 2010, Saturn cycles become all waning, and this is a very negative influence.
More outer planets cycles turn waning by then, and Uranus transits late Aries: a very energetic and tensive period. The years 2013, 2014 and 2015 are key years, when events might spiral out of control (hopefully not). There might be massive changes in climate, economy, global and military affairs, and scientific inventions.

However now, despite wars, fears and power struggles, the socio-political revolution will be much more active and less destructive than during the thirties due to the fact that now Uranus-Pluto and Uranus-Neptune are in waxing cycles. Most likely the established sense of a "global world" will not change. The Internet will remain.

Between 2017 and 2024 a major event occurs (major war, famine, pandemic or revolution)
By 2017, like in 1939, the global pessimism hits the LOW with either a major scale war, pandemic, famine or revolution that lasts seven years between 2017-2024, this is because most outer planet cycles are in waning cycles. It might well be a smaller-scale world war, a small-scale nuclear war or a large regional that affects the world. In a positive way, this event will at least bring more positive social revolution, core values will change for the best, and continue to result in a global connected world. Even better, it will regenerate our stagnant societies and corrupted governments/corporations. And as the graph above shows, this change will be not as destructive as the second world war, but it will dwarf the sixties.

By 2025, a recovery starts, a new period of global optimism begins, with social revolution, economic expansion and technological advance
By 2020, there is a major development of that situation (like in early 1942, US entry in the war), and global optimism only comes by 2025 (like 1945), when major waxing cycles start again, and point to the end of this massive global change. It's also interesting because mid 2024 and 2025 have Jupiter, Uranus and Mars in Gemini, and Pluto is in Aquarius, all of which are very strong indicators of historical social revolutions (think about American or French revolutions). I also think about alien and technological disclosure as a major key event by then. Revolutions will be centered around 2025, give or take it 3 years. There will be likely economic booms, around the years 2020, 2025 and 2032.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Likely another economic meltdown in October 2010

I was correct in predicting a possible the economic meltdown in late 2008.
But I was wrong in predicting a second stock market crash in October 2009.

However, in October 2010 the same factors make it likely another economic meltdown (significant stock market fall). This is after the depressing effects of the cardinal climax of August 2010, when all the outer planet cycles become waning (i.e. negative effect in economy). In October 2010, transiting Mercury, Sun and Mars also turn waning in aspect to all the other outer planets (like it was in September 2008). This makes a stock market crash more likely.

We keep our old prediction that a global recession/depression will continue between 2011 and 2019, and only around 2025 there will be a great economic and technological expansion.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Uranus in Aries and world revolution

In about 3 months, Uranus will enter Aries.
The atmosphere will warm and set on fire, with the revolutionary planet on the sign of independence, willful behavior and self-assertion.

Uranus in Aries corresponds historically to a highly-charged and critical period. Those such as the 1930s, 1840s, 1760s, 1680s, 1590s, 1510s, 1430s or 1340s.
  1. These were periods with great revolts, revolutions, national movements, famines and economic unrest. Examples were the American Revolution, the Revolutions of 1848 or the war of Peasants. However, some periods also had a tendency for agressive nationalism and result in much division within countries and this leads to war, like it happened prior to WWII.
  2. They correspond also to a time of huge personalities that stir movement, independence, revolt and revolution. Gandhi, Hitler, Karl Marx, Georg Washington, Copernicus, Martin Luther, Joan d'Arc are examples.
  3. Finally, this is also a period full of inventions, technological advance and new scientific theories and fields of research. Examples are rocket technology, nuclear energy, distillation of oil, or the steam engine. Radical shifts in scientific models include the theory of Evolution by Darwin or the Heliocentric view by Galileo.
  4. This lively and erratic period also corresponds to times of famines and weather extremes, like the Dust Bowl of the thirties, the Irish famine, the great Russian famine or the Black Plague.

What is highly important is that, at this time, other outer planets are also in cardinal signs, which adds even more intensity. Pluto in Capricorn occurs prior to revolutionary waves across the world. A dramatic square between Pluto and Uranus occurs between 2012 and 2015. This is expected to be a radical and intense period.

In the years leading to this, since late 2008 until mid 2011, Jupiter and Saturn form a cardinal T-square, which sets many events, which could gain momentum, year after year. The curent global crises not only relates to the economy, energy and global security but also to climate change and environmental issues.

Both Uranus and Jupiter enter Aries in 2010. This is the start of a high level of intensity, similar to early thirties or late sixties. As Uranus progresses into Aries (2012, 2013, 2014...) the energy will increase even higher! These would be the most intense years of change. All sorts of inventions, revolts, revolutions and other big changes will begin to unfold. A transformation of society, unlike anything seen before, is expected to manifest by the end of this next decade. You can refer to my other to realize that is also a spiritual transformation.